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Máy hút bụi gỗ công nghiệp model UFO-101

This Dust Collector is designed to Collect Wood
Working Dusts only. Use of this product to remove any other
types of dust will VOID THE WARRANTY. We offer
other models of dust collectors to be used with more abrasive
dusts and powders. Please, contact us @ 888-558-4628 for
specific recommendations.

The machine operator should carefully read and
understand the owner’s manual before operating this machine!
Also, the manufacturer is not responsible for any damages or
injuries caused by any modifications to machine
z Caution: Before you turn on the dust collector, please, make
sure the motor is Single Phase or Three Phase.
2HP / 110V / 220V / 60HZ / 1PH / 3PH DUST COLLECTOR

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